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money clip #3

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money clip #3


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• SIZE : W3 H7.7 D1.3 cm

• Convenient way to take the banknote with you.

• High power magnet give you the confidence that the banknote will not slip away .

• Made fr om superior genuine leather


leather care tips

• When leather gets wet, clean it with dry cloth and keep it in open and shady area

• Small scratch can be fixed by finger rubbing. Dark stain can be removed by type of cleaner. Please do not rub too hard.

• Soft and dry cloth should be used for daily care for leather. Cream can be used once in while or to make up oily content. Alcoholic solvents such as thinner and benzine should not recommended.

• Leather needs breathing, thus when stored, dusts have to be cleaned and kept under open space.