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Z Wallet

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Z Wallet


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• SIZE : W19 H9.5 D2 CM  

• It is folded by one piece of paper and shaped like Z

• The space inside is designed for banknotes, coins, receipts, cards and iPhone6. 

• A high power of magnet use to lock 

• It is made from natural material, which is natural cellulose fibre. This material is light, water resistance, and tear resistance.

• The product is 100% handmade by professional producer 

• Try what else can fit in Z wallet, and let's see how Z wallet can help you organize!


Q: what’s the material? / is it paper?
A: it is not paper. It’s made of natural cellulose fibre. It is water-resistant And tear-resistant. The material is the same as jean trousers’ tag.

Q: is it tearable? A: it is very durable. Unless you intent to tear it hardly. q: what would happen if it get wet?
A: it’s fine if you walk or run through the rain, or water splash on it.

Q: how long will the product last? 
A: depend on how you use it. The design team had used the product for 2 years before they are launched.

Q: how can i clean it? 
A: you can use soft eraser or half-dry towel to wipe the dirt out